SERVICES - Companies, CC's, Trusts, Sole Proprietors and Body Corporates


* Full accounting function / Data processing (monthly and annually)
* Completion and submission of statutory returns - VAT - EMP201 (PAYE, UIF, SDL) - IRP501 reconciliations
* Income tax calculations and returns
* Provisional tax (IRP6)
* Management statements and financial statements
* Correspondence with SARS on a wide range of matters, and handling of queries
* Payroll administration
* Asset registers


* Compiling of audit files and assissting with audit
* Internal audit (analysis and design of systems and controls)
* Inventory counting

Registrations and other services

* Company, Close Corporations and Trust registrations and amendments
* VAT registrations
* PAYE, UIF & SDL registrations
* Income tax registrations
* Company secretarial work
* Annual returns


* Average hourly fees R180 to R250
* Please request a quote for exact amounts
* Please note that this in an indicative rate and may vary according to task

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